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Dog Butler Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  How often do you clean my yard?

Most of our clients enjoy one cleaning per week.  Twice per week service may also be available in your neighborhood.  Every other week service is available for clients with only one dog.

2.  What are your rates?

One weekly cleaning for one dog costs $14.00.  Each additional dog, or cleaning, costs an additional $7.00.  For example, the rate for two dogs once per week is $21.00; the rate for three dogs once per week is $28.00.

3.  What about one-time cleanings?

We offer one-time cleanings for when the thaw comes in the spring, for parties, and for any occasion when you find yourself needing a little help taking care of your dogs.  We offer free estimates for these cleanings; typical spring cleaning rates can be found on our services link above.

4.  When do you bill and what are your payment methods?

Most of our clients prefer monthly billing.  You may opt for weekly payment as well.  We accept cash, personal checks, and credit cards.  If you prefer, you may choose automatic reoccurring charges to your credit card.

5.  Do you work through the winter?

We do!  If the weather prevents us from cleaning, we will not charge you for that week.  On average, over the 15-year history of The Dog Butler, our experience is that your monthly bill during the winter months will decrease by one-third to one-half.

6.  Do you take the waste with you when you leave my house?

Yes, that is part of our service.

7.  What if I want to stop service for a while?

Many of our clients suspend service for a week or two while they go on vacation, and the dogs are not at home.  Simply give us a call, and we will suspend service until you are ready to resume.

8.  What if I get another dog, or for some reason reduce my number of dogs?

Contact us at 228-2919, or at, and we will adjust your weekly rate accordingly.

9.  Do I need to be home when you are cleaning?

No, as long as we can get into your yard, you don’t need to be there.  If your gate is locked, we will require that you either give us the combination/code or a spare key, or unlock the gate on your service day.  If we arrive at your yard and are unable to gain access to the yard due to a locked gate or any other reason, we will charge for that visit.

10.  Can my dog(s) be in the yard while we clean?

Absolutely!  We love dogs, and will always spend an extra fews minutes with them.  If your dog(s) are uneasy with our being in your yard, we ask that you bring them inside while we clean.