On a pre-determined service day, The Dog Butler will arrive at your property, scoop all the waste, and remove it from your property.    Our rates are based on the number of dogs, and the number of cleanings per week  Most of our customers enjoy once-per-week service.  In most service areas, twice-per-week service is also available.  Every-other-week service is available to those who have only one dog.

 Rates are as follows:

One dog once per week:  $16.00

Two dogs once per week:  $24.00

Three dogs once per week:  $32.00

Each additional dog, or a second cleaning per week, results in an additional charge of $8.00  For example, one dog twice per week costs $24.00; two dogs twice per week costs $32.00.  Every-other-week service, available only for families with one dog, is also just $16.00 per cleaning.


Buffalo averages nearly 95" of snow each winter, and when it melts, The Dog Butler's phone rings off the hook!  We offer free estimates for these spring cleanings; a one-dog yard typically costs $60.00.  Each additional dog is usually an additional $30.00.   These rates can vary up or down based on the size of your dog(s). We also specialize in one-time cleanings for parties, open houses and for any occasion when you find yourself needing a little help taking care of your dogs.


On a pre-determined service day, The Dog Butler will remove the dirty litter box and litter, and replace it with a sanitized and refilled litter box.  We use Arm & Hammer Essentials natural clumping litter. If you have more than one litter box, there is a nominal additional charge.  Your original litter box will be sanitized and returned to you for future use.

Rates are as follows:

Once-per-week Service w/1 litter pan:              $60.00 monthly 
Twice-per-week Service w/1 litter pan:             $80.00 monthly
*Each additional litter pan is $10.00 monthly

*If you require a specific brand of litter pan, we will provide it at our cost, which will be passed onto you.

Those who should consider Cat Litter Removal Services:

  • Pregnant women.

Toxoplasmosis: An infection that can be transferred from cats to humans. Pregnant women are very susceptible to this infection, and it can be dangerous to an unborn child.

  • People with compromised immune systems
  • People with physical disabilities
  • People with time issue


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